My book has been released!!!!

I am happy to announce that my (and my co-author’s) book has, finally, been released. Learn Azure Sentinel is now available directly from the Packt site listed here:

It should be shipping from Amazon soon. Of course, with the world-side lockdown the actual shipping date may vary. I would suggest buying it directly from Packt as you get both the E-book and the printed version for the same price as the printed version from Amazon. Although I wonder if I get more money if you buy them separately? Hmmm….. 😉

If you have never written a book before I do suggest doing it at least once. It is a very rewarding experience and you learn the product so much as you dive down each page and click every button and link available! Just have a thick skin about it. Your editors and reviewers are not criticizing your work so much as they are trying to make the best book possible. I may have had to remember that once or twice myself during the process 😉

If you do buy it, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

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